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      News & Events

      Elections Integrity

      Elections Integrity is a top priority for Governor DeSantis and Secretary Lee. We've worked hard to ensure our elections meet the highest standards for integrity and security.??

      Learn More

      Amendment 4: Standards for Governing Eligibility to Vote After a Felony Conviction

      For more information about standards governing eligibility requirement to vote after a felony.

      Corporations Move

      The Florida Division of Corporations (Sunbiz) continually seeks to serve its customers effectively. We are excited to announce that the Division of Corporations now welcomes customers in its new facility at The Centre of Tallahassee, 2415 North Monroe Street, Suite 810, in Tallahassee, Florida. This facility enhances the customer experience by providing new facilities, updated infrastructure, and convenient location.? Division of Corporations’ friendly employees look forward to seeing you at their new location!

      Florida Music Tours

      Florida Music Tours is an educational, travel and media website that spotlights Florida’s important role in American musical history and promotes the state as a top destination for music enthusiasts. The website makes it easy to listen to Florida’s traditional music (rock, blues, folk, etc.), learn about influential performers and visit music festivals, venues and historical sites throughout Florida. ?Buckle up, roll your windows down and enjoy the journey!

      Find Us on Social Media

      Many of the Florida Department of State's divisions and programs maintain a presence on today's most popular social networking sites. This list will make it easy for you to find and follow your favorite groups.

      Connect >>

      Florida's Territorial Bicentennial

      Florida—the ancestral homeland of varied indigenous peoples—became a United States Territory in 1821, thus ending more than 250 years of Spanish and British rule.?To engage the public in learning more about this important transitional time in Florida’s history, the Florida Department of State (DOS) will highlight its territorial and early statehood period resources in 2021.

      More information here


        State Initiatives

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